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Hi David, I received my Mahjong set today and i am very happy. Its quality is above my greatest expectations! Thank you very much. I will recommend your site to my friends who consider bying a mahjong set to themselves. Best wishes, Maxim Gubin Tomsk, Russia
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Here is a range of Shogi sets available either direct from Japan or from

Shogi Sets

Click here to see a larger photo

Click here to see a larger photo

Nintendo Shogi Set

This is the typical type of shogi set that is used by Japanese players.

The solid wooden board folds down the middle for convenient storage. IIt measures 30cm × 33cm ×1.4cm..

The pieces are also made of wood and are well finished. They come in a separate wooden box of their own. Measuring from tip to base, the Pawns are 1" (25mm) Silver and Gold are 1 1/8" (29mm) and the King, Rook and Bishop are 1 1/4" (32mm).

This is a standard Nintendo wooden shogi piece set consisting of 41 koma. The koma are "kaki-goma" style, which means that the kanji characters that denote the piece values have been painted onto the pieces with Japanese ink and a calligraphy brush.

This is the set I recommend to regular players who want a classic Shogi set with the convenience of a folding board.

$37.50 (+ $35 S&H - Express Mail Service from Japan)

$37.50 (+$18.50 S&H - Air Freight from Japan)

Hanayama Honkaku shogi set
Click here to see a larger photo

Click here to see a larger photo

Click here to see a larger photo

Hanayama Honkaku Shogi Set

Hanayama have made a name for themselves for their excellent quality shogi and igo game sets.

The Honkaku Shogi set is an integral plastic set. The pieces are stored in side drawers, which open out to serve as "koma dai", or trays for captured playing pieces.

Like all Hanayama games, the Honkaku Shogi Set is well produced and well packaged. The rules of Shogi are on the back of the box (in Japanese) complete with a diagram showing how the pieces move.

$25 (+ $25 S&H - Express Mail Service from Japan)

$25 (+ $15.00 S&H - Air Freight from Japan)
Hanayama portable shogi set
Click here to see a larger photo

Hanayama portable shogi set
Click here to see a larger photo

Hanayama Portable Shogi Set

This portable, non-magnetic shogi set by Hanayama uses an indented overlay, integral to the playing surface, so that the pieces sit snugly on the squares, making it a lightweight (186 g, 6.5 oz) and convenient portable set.

The board measures 112mm x 192mm x 26mm.

Like all Hanayama games, the Honkaku Portable Shogi Set is well produced and well packaged and comes with a set of rules in Japanese.

$12.50 (+ $5 S&H - Air Freight from Japan)

Click here to see a larger photo

Click here to see a larger photo

Click here to see a larger photo

Ships from Japan
Shogi in a Box

Currently Unavailable

This budget-price shogi set and has some nice features.

The wooden pieces are housed in Paulownia wood boxes. When playing a game, you can use the Paulownia boxes as "koma trays" and place any captured pieces on them.

The folding board doubles up as a storage box and the paulownia koma boxes fit neatly inside it.

A rule sheet is included.

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8 Responses to “Shogi Sets”

  • Hi! I’m a shogi player from Malaysia. I wish to buy some shogi sets. Do you have any promotion on those products? Thanks a million.

  • admin:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for contacting me about shogi sets. Since you wrote, a couple of days ago, I have just lowered the prices of several shogi items, such as the Nintendo shogi set and Nintendo koma sets. Shogi boards and shogi training sets have also come down in price.

    Best wishes,


  • Lucian Bosinceanu:

    Hello! I’m a shogi fan from Romania. I want to know if you deliver in Romania and how much it would cost me the transport. Thanks a lot!

  • admin:

    Hi Lucian,

    Yes, I ship shogi sets etc to Romania. The shipping fee is the same as shown on the shogi set page.

    Best wishes,


  • Nikolai:

    Hi David.

    I’m from Brazil, you deliver to here. you accept another form of payment that the paypal? Thanks for all, sorry for my poor english.

  • admin:

    Hi Nikolai,

    Yes, I ship to Brazil, but there may be an extra shipping charge, depending on the weight of the parcel.

    You may use a credit card via the Paypal button without having a Paypal account. :)

  • Victor:

    I’m a shogi player from Guatemala.
    I want a shogi set, but I want to know if do you deliver items to my country?


  • admin:

    Hi Victor,

    Yes, I can ship shogi sets to Guatemala from Japan, BUT only by AIRMAIL so there would be an extra shipping fee for items that normally ship by air freight. (If you purchase an item with EMS shipping, I will not charge extra, but will ship by airmail instead.)

    Best wishes,


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