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Mahjong MatsDetails
Mahjong Junk Mat

Enlarged photos

The Junk mat is made of a tough woven fabric on a synthetic cushion base. It makes for a great playing surface, nicely secured by the black frame.

* Comes complete with a smart green carry bag.
* 1.1 kg total weight
* Dimensions: 690mm x 690mm

This item is shipped by EMS.

Please choose the appropriate button when you order:

Destination: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia.

$35 (+$30 S&H - Shipping by EMS.)

Destination: EU, Russia & other European countries.
$35 (+$35 S&H - Shipping by EMS.)
Nintendo Yakuman Mahjong Set

Nintendo Yakuman Mahjong Set
Nintendo Yakuman Mahjong Mat

The classic Nintendo mahjong playing mat comes complete with raised edges to help you stack mahjong tiles when building walls. Rubber-backed and very robust.

An ideal companion to the Nintendo Yakuman Firebird Mahjong Set.

The mat comes in its own sturdy cardboard storage box with the Nintendo logo and a plastic carrying handle.

This item measures 680mm × 680mm, weighs 3 kilograms (6.6 lbs) and is shipped by EMS.

Please choose the appropriate button when you order:

Destination: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia.

$60 (+$65 S&H - Shipped by EMS.)

Destination: EU, Russia & other European countries.
$60 (+$70 S&H - Shipping by EMS.)

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5 Responses to “Mahjong Mats”

  • Kyon43:

    Hello David,

    I recently buyed from your website a standard mahjong set and I’m now looking for a mat. I’d like to but the “Robust MJ Mat”; however, the link thansfert me to and the shipping is 65$ (little too high considering that it cost 27$ for the other one). Is there a way to buy it on your website or will it be the same shipping cost than tripleclick?

    Thank you

  • admin:

    Hi Kyon,

    The robust mat and the Nintendo mat both weigh 3 kilograms, which, when the weight of the packaging is added, makes them too heavy to ship by air freight, so only EMS is available for those items. The cost of shipping is not based on the price of the product but on the weight of the parcel.

  • Ospero:

    Hello. I recently bought the Janpai-Hannya set from you and am now looking for a playmat. Since the Junk Mat might be a little on the small side for my table, I’m considering the Nintendo one, but that doesn’t give any dimensions. What size is that mat? Thanks.

  • admin:

    Hi Ospero,

    The Nintendo mat measures 680mm × 680mm so it is actually a little smaller than the Junk mat, which measures 690mm × 690mm.

  • ruby:

    can you please let me know surface mail cost for 4 mahjong mats.

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I would like to thank David for bearing with my PayPal problems and being overall very helpful and showing consideration and patience. I received my Genkai mahjong set two weeks after placing an order, a week after it was sent from Japan. The set was exactly as shown on the photos, top quality as promised, carefully packed, and everything was in place (even some spare scoring sticks). It was delivered by an EMS courier right to the door. David even took extra time to notify me about some minor changes in the set composition and have sent me additional photos, asking me to confirm my order. I would recommend this shop to anybody who'd like to buy a japanese mahjong set or accessories, for it is fast, reliable and you get exactly what you see on the website. David is a great seller, caring for his client's problems and trying to find solutions together. I am very impressed overall and can surely say this was my best international shopping experience, despite my problems with paying from Russia via PayPal. Alexey Andronov Saint Petersburg, Russia
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