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I just wanted to let you know that we received the Hanafuda cards and have been using them extensively over the holidays. We bought them to replace a worn out set that my mother brought from Japan more than 30 years ago. These cards are beautiful and very good quality, and have been big hit in our family. Rick
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Mahjong MatsDetails
Mahjong Junk Mat

Enlarged photos

The Junk mat is made of a tough woven fabric on a synthetic cushion base. It makes for a great playing surface, nicely secured by the black frame.

* Comes complete with a smart green carry bag.
* 1.1 kg total weight
* Dimensions: 27" x 27" (69cm x 69cm)

This item is shipped by EMS.

Please choose the appropriate button when you order:

Destination: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia.

$34.97 (+$27.98 S&H)

Destination: EU, Russia & other European countries.

$34.97 (+$35 S&H)
Mahjong Mat

Mahjong Mat
Robust MJ Mat

This robust rubber-backed mahjong playing mat comes complete with raised edges to help you stack mahjong tiles when building walls.

Ideal for use on table tops. Protects surfaces, cuts down noise and looks great.

Very robust.

Rolls for easy storage.

Dimensions: 27" x 27" (69cm x 69cm)

This item is shipped by EMS from Japanl.


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One Response to “Mahjong Mats”

  • Kyon43:

    Hello David,

    I recently buyed from your website a standard mahjong set and I’m now looking for a mat. I’d like to but the “Robust MJ Mat”; however, the link thansfert me to and the shipping is 65$ (little too high considering that it cost 27$ for the other one). Is there a way to buy it on your website or will it be the same shipping cost than tripleclick?

    Thank you

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