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Nintendo Kabufuda Deck

Kabufuda (“nine-cards”) are Japanese playing cards used for gambling games such as Oicho-Kabu. A Kabufuda deck contains 40 cards, with designs representing the numbers 1 through 10. There are four cards for each number.

The object of all kabufuda card games is to get a total closest to nine. Oicho-Kabu is a traditional Japanese gambling game similar to baccarat. The goal of the game is to reach a total closest to 9 without going over. As in baccarat, the last digit of any total over 10 makes your hand: a 15 counts as 5, a 12 as 2, and a 20 as 0.

The name of the Japanese mafia, Yakuza, originates from this game. The worst Oicho-Kabu hand is 8-9-3, or “ya-ku-sa”. This gives a sum total of 20, or 0 points.

The Nintendo Kabufuda Deck available here is the classic Japanese deck.

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Click Here to see a photo of the complete deck.
Nintendo Kabufuda Deck

These classic Nintendo
Kabufuda cards are made to a high standard out of card and paper and are packed in an impressive, hardwearing plastic storage box with a picture of "Daitoryo" Napoleon on top.

This item will be shipped from Japan by Express Mail Service.

$35 (+$15 S&H - Shipping by EMS.)

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