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Hanafuda cards were developed in Japan after the introduction of Western playing cards over 350 years ago.

A Hanafuda deck consists of 48 cards divided into 12 suits of 4 cards each. Each suit is named after one of the twelve months of the year and each has its appropriate flower in major and minor cards.

The major cards are quite beautiful, the minor ones of plainer design. When you see a whole pack spread out the effect is quite stunningly beautiful (see photo).

The cards are smaller than Western playing cards and are made either of heavy card or plastic. The better quality cards are made of card and paper while cheaper versions are made of plastic. The card and paper decks are much more beautiful to look at and to handle. On the other hand the cheap plastic decks are very hard-wearing.

The Hanafuda decks on offer here come complete with rules in Japanese. If you are not sure how to play and want an English-language explanation of the rules see: or

Hanafuda Cards
Echigo Hanafuda

Echigo Hanafuda card designs
Echigo Hanafuda In A Traditional Wooden Box

Echigo is the old name for Niigata Prefecture. Niigata is located on the coast of the Sea of Japan on the island of Honshu.

The cards are designed in the traditional Echigo style (see photos, left) and are housed in a very nice wooden box.

The lid of the box is notable for completely covering the card container, which thereby becomes a kind of "inner box".

Box size: 77mm x 54mm x 55mm

$45.00 (+$15. S&H - shipping by EMS)

Napoleon Hanafuda Deck

SHIPPING By Air Freight Now Available!

If you don't mind waiting a little longer for delivery, order your cards via the button below and I will ship them via air freight from Japan. It takes 7-28 days (depending on freight volume at the time of shipping) and there is NO tracking. The cost of shipping has been added directly to the product cost ($25 + $5 for S&H by SAL)

Choose the color of the card backs

$30.00 (inclusive of shipping by air freight & handling. No other shipping charge will be levied when you process this order.)

Nintendo Daitoryo Hanafuda Cards

These famous Nintendo "Daitoryo" Hanafuda cards, aka the "Napoleon deck" is the premier set on the market today.

The cards are made to a high standard out of card and paper and are packed in an impressive, hardwearing plastic storage box with a picture of "Daitoryo" Napoleon on top.

Shipping by EMS
from Japan

Delivered in 4-6 days from shipping date. Tracking available.

Choose the color of the card backs

$25.00 (+$15.00 S&H - shipping by EMS)

Tengu Hanafuda Deck

Tengu Hanafuda cards
SHIPPING By Air Freight Now Available!

If you don't mind waiting a little longer for delivery, order your cards via the button below and I will ship them via air freight from Japan. It takes 7-28 days (depending on freight volume at the time of shipping) and there is NO tracking. The cost of shipping has been added directly to the product cost ($19.97 + $5 for S&H by SAL)

Choose the color of the card backs

$24.97 (inclusive of shipping by air freight & handling. No other shipping charge will be levied when you process this order.)

Nintendo Tengu Hanafuda Cards

The popular Nintendo "Tengu" Hanafuda deck is famous for the picture of Tengu, on the box. Tengu are long-nosed demon-gods, famous in Japanese folklore and sometimes worshipped as Shinto "kami" (gods).

Incidentally, Tengu's long nose ("hana") allows for a pun with the "hana" (flower) of "hanafuda".

The cards are made to a high standard out of card and paper of a slightly lower grade than the Daitoryo deck. They are packed in an impressive, hardwearing plastic storage box with a picture of "Tengu" on top.

Shipping by EMS
from Japan

Delivered in 4-6 days from shipping date. Tracking available.

Choose the color of the card backs

$19.97 (+$15.00 S&H - shipping by EMS)

If you don't mind waiting a little longer for delivery, order your cards via the button below and I will ship them via air freight from Japan. It takes 7-28 days (depending on freight volume at the time of shipping) and there is NO tracking. The cost of shipping has been added directly to the product cost ($15 + $5 for S&H by SAL)

Choose the color of the card backs

$20.00 (inclusive of shipping by air freight & handling. No other shipping charge will be levied when you process this order.)
Nintendo Miyako No Hanafuda

The delicate "Miyako No Hana" set on offer here is made of card and paper and comes in a plastic storage box.

The back of the cards are either a classic black or a restrained red ochre, according to your preference.

This beautiful set is made by Nintendo and is one of the most commonly used sets in Japan.

Choose the color of the card backs

$15 (+$15 S&H - shipping by EMS)

Click Here to see a photo of the deck. Then, click on the photo on the new page to enlarge.
Vinyl Hanafuda Cards

This is a neat & economical set of vinyl Hanafuda cards. Unlike Western playing cards, Hanafuda cards are stiff so vinyl is a popular and economical alternative to the more expensive paper and card sets.

Also, if you are looking for outdoor hanafuda cards, this is the best deck for you!

The cards in this set are bright and cheerful to the eye with a smooth upper surface. They come in a plastic storage tray, complete with an illustrated black and white scoring chart.

$10.00 (Price includes shipping by SAL.)

Economy Hanafuda

Here is an economically priced set of Hanafuda cards. The full colour card designs are printed directly onto the card.

The deck comes in a colourful card box and includes a set of rules in Japanese with illustrations for two different games:

* 88 no Asobi
* Koi Koi no Asobi.

$11.50 (Price includes shipping by SAL.)

Disney Hanafuda Deck

The Japanese Angel playing card company has recently redesigned and re-packaged their Disney Hanafuda Deck.

The card dimensions are approximately 50mm x 82mm, so they are LARGER than a standard hanafuda deck. They have green backs and borders.

The cards feature Disney characters from Alice in Wonderland; Winnie the Pooh; Bambi; Mickey Mouse; Aladdin; The Lion King; Snow White; The Little Mermaid; Peter Pan; Lilo & Stitch; Dumbo; Cinderella.

The cards also have the score values on them.

The blurb on the back of the box says, "This is a truly original product which depicts Disney Vision coupled with Disney Characters."

This is a great collector's set for Hanafuda fans who love Disney - or Disney fans who enjoy Hanafuda...

$25 (+$17.50 S&H - Shipping by EMS.)

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Hanafuda-Style Playing Cards by Beverly

This is a stylish version of the popular Japanese Hanafuda/Western Playing Card combination deck.

The cards include every card of the Hanafuda deck on a traditional Japanese tatami mat background.

Because there are only 48 cards in a Hanafuda deck, the "kings" are Japanese traditional toys while the Jokers show a selection of Hanafuda cards. Photo

The cards are made of glossy card stock and measure 57mm x 89mm and the Hanafuda picture in the middle is 37mm x 60m.

The deck comes in a cardboard box that was designed to look good on the shop display rack. The deck is split into two halves for storage in the box.

The set includes a rules sheet in Japanese with an illustrated points chart to show the value of the Hanafuda cards.

$18.50 + $5.00 S&H (shipping by air-freight)

66 Responses to “Hanafuda Cards”

  • Jeanie:


    I am interested in getting a few of the Vinyl Hanafuda Cards when I click on the Paypal click, all the instructions are in Japanese and I can’t read it.

    Is there another way to purchase the cards?

    Hope you are safe in Hiroshima.


  • admin:

    Hi Jeanie,

    Thanks for the heads-up about the Vinyl Hanafuda Paypal. As I live in Japan my Paypal account tends to default to Japanese. I’ll try and fix the problem.

    We are okay in Hiroshima, thank you. A long way from the disaster area.


  • admin:

    I just posted a graphic about how to read the Japanese Paypal shopping cart here:

    Hope that helps!


  • isabelle:

    My paypal was also in Japanese, when I ordered,
    but I could change the language to English in the upper right hand corner….

  • admin:

    Hi Isabelle,

    Thank you for pointing that out. I just checked the Paypal payment process again and the “change language” option appears on the second Paypal page as you process the order. When you click the “Add to Cart” button you are taken to the page that I translated in the graphic. That page doesn’t have a “change language” option. You have to click the “Check Out With Paypal” button on that page and you can change language on the next page before making your payment.

    1. Click the “Add to Cart” button.

    2. Japanese order page (no “change language” option).

    3. Click “Check out with Paypal”

    4. Change language to English via the link in the top right corner of the new page.

    5. Complete your order.

    Hope that clarifies the process!

    Best wishes,


  • happysmiles:

    I just got the club nintendo hanafuda cards and I like them alot! I am thinking of getting Nintendo Miyako No Hanafuda
    cards! by the way does that set come with instuctions for games other than Koi-Koi? 🙂

  • happysmiles:

    OK i looked at the price of the Nintendo Miyako No Hanafuda
    and the shipping doubles their price so I’m going for the vinyl deck and I just wanted to know if they are standard size?



  • admin:

    Hi Marilyn,

    I don’t sell Hawaiian Hanafuda decks as they are not common here in Japan. I did a quick Google search for “hawaiian hanafuda” and found this website: – they also have a link to a Facebook group where you might be able to get some help.

    Best wishes,


  • admin:


    The Hanafuda decks that I sell are all shipped from Japan, hence the shipping and handling fee. The yen is really high right now. The vinyl deck is a popular alternative; the cards are much about the same size as classic decks, but thicker. Actually, if you want the exact same size for a lower price you should think about going for the economy deck.

    Hope that helps!


  • admin:

    Sorry about the late reply! Actually, the Vinyl Hanafuda deck that you mentioned in your later post has a set of rules with it, but I think they are just koi-koi! A good source of information is and if you post a question, Tom Sloper will almost certainly respond.

    Best wishes,


  • Blake:

    I recently got into hanafuda cards, and wanted to buy the nintendo brand cards. But I am conflicted on which of these 2 sets I want to buy. Could you tell me the difference between the “Napoleon” Deck and the “Miyako No Hanafuda” Deck?
    Oh and do you ship to the U.S.?

  • Blake:

    I was wondering if you can tell me the difference between the “Napoleon” Deck and the “Miyako No Hanafuda” Deck?
    And do you ship to the U.S.? because I’m not sure if you do or not, haha.
    Thank you,

  • admin:

    Hi Blake,

    Yes, I ship everything I feature on this site to the USA and most other countries as well!

    As for the difference between the cards of the Napoleon Hanafuda deck and the Miyako Hanafuda deck, they are very subtle and most people probably wouldn’t notice any difference at all. One difference you do notice is the box. The Napoleon Hanfuda box is “virtually indestructible” when subjected to normal everyday use. Of course, you could burn it I suppose…

  • jan:

    i’m looking for thick plastic hanafuda cards, what they seem to call “outdoor” cards. are any of these you sell hard plastic?

  • admin:

    Hi Jan,

    The best set for playing outdoors is the “Vinyl Hanafuda Cards” deck, third deck down the listings on this page:

    Best wishes,


  • girl:

    How do you pronounce HANAFUDA? I have a report on it and i need to say it and i have no idea how

  • admin:

    Hiya Girl!
    I made a recording about “how to pronounce Hanafuda” for you:

    How Do You Pronounce The Name Of The Japanese Card Game, “Hanafuda”? by hirohurl

    Good luck with your report!


  • Happysmiles:

    hey, I was just wondering if you know of any other hanafuda card games other than Koi-Koi?

  • Arthur:


    I just got a set of economy hanafuda cards on ebay and I definitely like the game a lot, so that’s why I’m planning to get a nicer set of cards.
    What i don’t like about the ones I have is that because they are made with cardboard, it makes them easily subject to wear and tear.

    I want to order either one of the first 2 sets you have here but is the material of those decks relatively the same or is it a harder material? Or is my best bet the vinyl set?

    You can sort of say that I prefer higher quality products that are durable and comfortable to the touch.

    Thank you!

  • admin:

    Hi Arthur,

    The nicest hanafuda deck to play with is the Daitoryo deck (or Napoleon deck as I call it). The Miyako is a pretty close second. They are more elegant than the economy and vinyl decks and certainly tougher than the economy deck. The core of the card is made of cardboard but it is covered with a thin, hardwearing material (reinforced paper or perhaps a kind of fabric) and the picture is laid over that on the top side. The finish is excellent so if you prefer high quality, the Miyako no Hanafuda or Napoleon Hanafuda would be the decks for you.

  • Marco:

    Hi David,

    My Napoleon deck has arrived today, I’m very satisfied about the quality of the product and the rapidity of the delivery. Thank you very much!

    P.S. Gosh! They’re so small compared to our regional decks, not to mention Florentine cards.

  • Arthur:

    Hi David,

    The Miyako deck came in a short while ago and I’ve been playing with them for these couple days. Thank you for the fast delivery and quality of the product. It looks and feels great, glad i picked these up.



  • admin:

    Hi Arthur,

    Thank you for the feedback. I’m pleased to hear that you like the Miyako hanafuda deck.

    Best wishes,


  • Cody:

    Are there any companies that sell oversized or larger-format hanafuda cards? The biggest complaint I get from people I play with is the size of the cards; they can be difficult to read for newbies and hard to shuffle with their miniscule size.

  • admin:

    Hi Cody,

    I don’t know of any larger-sized Hanafuda decks. One possible solution may be the Hanafuda-Style Playing Cards by Tamura Shogundo, (see listings above). They are a Hanafuda/Western playing card combination deck so they can be shuffled easily.

    Here’s a photo of the deck:

  • happysmiles:

    hey, do you know where to get the Tengu deck

  • leny:

    i want so a tengu deck and other hanafuda’s variant as echigo fuda…
    do you think it’s possible than purchase in our shop ?

  • admin:

    Hi! Right here on this page! I just added the Tengu deck 🙂 …

  • admin:

    Yes, it’s now possible to purchase a Nintendo Tengu Hanafuda Deck from my shop. I have just added Tengu Hanafuda decks to my range.

  • happysmiles:

    thanks so much!

  • happysmiles:

    um, its out of my price range, but what is the difference of the quality of the Daitoryo between the tengu? (which one is better qaulity?)

  • admin:

    The Daitoryo is the best quality deck, but all three Nintendo Hanafuda decks are made to high standards.

  • Ben:

    How big are the cards? I just ordered a deck from another website and they measure about 1 inch by 2 inch, or 3 cm by 5 cm. I didn’t think they were this small, how big are the cards you’re selling?

  • admin:

    Hi Ben,

    Genuine Japanese Hanafuda cards are about the dimensions you mentioned. The Nintendo decks and the cheaper decks I sell on this site are all about that size.

    If you want to play Hanafuda with bigger cards, I recommend the Hanafuda-Style Playing Cards by Tamura Shogundo available on this page.

    Best wishes,


  • Charles:

    The 18$ western/hana card mix are ~2.5×3.5 standard european card size. How large and what are the 5$ cards made out of vinyl? and are they about the same size? or are they the very small card variants?

  • admin:

    Hi Charles,

    The Vinyl Hanafuda cards are made out of vinyl and the dimensions are about 35 x 55 mm. In other words, they are standard size hanafuda cards. They are a variant of the typical Japanese hanafuda deck inasmuch as they are made out of vinyl. The real “variants” are the western/hanafuda composite card decks.

  • Suzi:

    Hello, I’m interested in the Economy Hanafuda. I’m in the Philippines and I don’t do paypal or any internet paying. I use western union and money transfers. Is it possible? I’ll be paying for the shipping too.

  • admin:

    Hi Suzi,

    Sorry, but no.

  • Jom:

    dear admin,
    i was wondering do you still have the economy set hanafuda? i’m looking for 2. how long will it take to ship? please get back to me ASAP.


  • admin:

    Hi Jom,

    I have a few Economy Hanafuda decks, but they go quite quickly. Two decks shipped by airmail will take about 10 to 21 days to be delivered, I guess.


  • Chia:

    Hi, Will you guys be selling the Spirited Away Hanafuda cards?

  • Hui:

    Hello, may I know if the Disney cards are plastic or of higher quality? Thanks!

  • admin:

    Hi Hui,

    The Disney cards are made of card-stock, not plastic.

  • Mila:

    I would like to order hanafuda cards. Could you please advice me the most traditional ones? It is going to be a gift for my Russian friend, so it should not be Napoleon stock, for example.
    Do you deliver cards to Russia? If so, how much time does it take to deliver the order?
    Many thanks in advance.

  • admin:

    I the most traditional set is Nintendo’s Tengu hanafuda set. You get the traditional association of the long-nosed mountain deity Tengu and Hanafuda and Nintendo itself has a long history of making Hanafuda cards.

  • Stephen:


    I was wondering when you would have the vinyl cards in stock again. I bought a deck a few years back and I loved them so much I want to buy another as a gift to my brother. I’m saving up for a Daitoryo set as well 🙂

  • admin:

    I have a few decks in stock at the moment, but they disappear quickly so grab them while you can!

  • kyeong:

    Hey, I just ordered the daitoryo hanafuda deck, and since i didnt see much shipping info, i was wondering if you could tell me an approximate ETA for the package? I live in east coast USA, boston area.

    Anyway, i am excited to get some high quality hanafuda, since ive only used cheap $3 decks up to this point. I dont know if you are aware, but hanafuda is very popular in the korean community. We call it hwatu (花鬪) and ‘gostop’ is the korean version of ‘koikoi.’ Anyway, I’m sure my friends and i will really enjoy the deck whenever it arrives!

  • admin:

    Hi Kyeong,

    Thank you for the order. Your deck will be shipped from Japan by Express Mail Service later today. I will send you an email to confirm shipping and to supply tracking details. You should get the deck early next week.

    Also, thank you for the information about the Korean versions, hwatu and gostop

    Best wishes,


  • Kyle:

    Just purchased the Nintendo Daitoryo deck; I’m extremely satisfied. Shipping was a lot quicker than I anticipated, and the cards came in perfect quality (no damage from shipping). I was really impressed with the quality since the only decks I’ve been able to find in Texas are traditional playing card size and material. Thanks so much for the expediency on sending these stateside!

  • admin:

    Hi Kyle,

    Thank you for the positive feedback!


  • Tom Catherall:

    can you get me an Echigohana gold and silver designed set?
    What other unusual designs do you have. Any old sets?

    Thanks, Tom

  • Kookaburra Joshuatree:

    Of what material are the “Economy Hanafuda” deck made?

  • admin:

    Hi Tom,

    Yes, I can get Echigohana sets in wooden boxes. Prompted by your question, I will investigate further.


  • admin:

    Economy Hanafuda decks are made of card stock.

  • Hi, will you ever be getting the indoor/outdoor packs again?
    Are they discontinued?

  • admin:

    Hi Richard,

    If you are referring to the Vinyl Hanafuda Deck, I have just found a new supply, so they are back, and $1 cheaper per pack than before.

    Best wishes,


  • Richard:

    Hi again I noticed there is a red and black version
    Which color is the more standard original color? Thx

  • Ana:

    Hi! Can you deliver the daitoryo cards using a more economic delivery? The price of just the mail cost is almost the same of the cards and it amounts to almost 50$, dont you think is excesive?

  • admin:

    Hi Ana,

    Thank you for your questions. I have just answered them on the blog and am now offering two Nintendo Hanfuda decks with free shipping worldwide!

  • Kaya Shikahana:

    Hello I tried to email you but I got no response I had seen your Disney deck and noted that it was well priced I had seen san rio and and pokemon decks on other sites that was highly priced is it possible to buy a pokemon and San rio deck from you hopefully at a reasonable price I look forward to your reply thank you

    ~ Kaya Shikahana

  • admin:

    Hi Kaya,

    Sorry I was slow to respond. Your sister emailed me and we have been discussing the details.


  • Liz Windham:


    I’m trying to purchase a Hanafuda deck for my brother and his family, who are stationed in Okinawa for the time being. (We used to play as kids with our Nana, who was raised in Hawaii.) I’m not sure how to make all that work, considering that he’s close to your shipping origin, but there are different rules concerning military bases. Any thoughts?

    My other question’s a lot simpler: do these decks come with a rule book or scoring table? The deck I have is my Nana’s, and it has a book with all the cards, point values, combos and scoring references. I *know* he’ll need one of those as he teaches his kids how to play.


  • admin:

    Hi Liz,

    I am not sure how much it costs to send a package from Hiroshima, where I live, to Okinawa. It is not so close, about 950 kilometers away. If the package can be shipped as a letter I think it will be about the same as it costs to send to the USA. If it has to go as a “parcel” it may actually cost more as fees are based on how many prefectures the parcel has to cross to reach its destination. In that case it would cost around $11, I think.

    The cards come with a Japanese rule sheet in most cases. You can find English rules by doing a google search for “hanafuda rules” or by checking Wikipedia:


  • Cong:

    Hi I’m trying to get some cards as seen here.. basically hanafuda card WITHOUT flowers.. just randoms, designs, geisha, samurai, ukiyo-e.. anything except JUST flowers.. a better idea can be seen here:

    If you have or can help me, pleas elet me know ASAP. Thanks!

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